The Juvie Three Chapters 10-11

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized



Summary: This chapter was very dramatic. The very first paragraph starts off by the three boys arguing with who’s is going ttodo the laundry. As soon as I read it, I new that this chapter was going to be a good one. The basket was filled to thetop, and all the boys were too lazy. In my opinion the more they argue about stupid things, the better the book gets. I think the author was really creative making it see like it did.

Main Characters: There were no new characters introduced in these chapters. It was the same three boys and the same lady that is stil trying to get them in trouble.

Setting: there were only two settings in these chapters. One being the apartment where most of the arguing happend, and Juvie, where most of the trouble happend.

Favorite quote: “No contact with our families for six months” Gecko adds. Pg 61


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